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Hi, My Name Is C.M James cover

Hi, I Am
C.M. James.
Let Me Tell You How I Got Here

By C.M. James
Published by: C.M. James Writes & Speak With My Assistant LLC


HI, I am C.M. James. Let Me Tell You How I Got Here.


Hi, I am C.M. James. Let Me Tell You How I Got Here!

    Welcome to the intriguing journey of C.M. James, a new author with a fresh perspective on life and writing. Unlike most authors who pen their autobiographies after they've reached the pinnacle of their careers, C.M. James chooses to share his story at the beginning. This bold move allows readers to understand the person behind the words right from the start even before you read his books.

    This book is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, filled with personal insights, humorous anecdotes, and plenty of 'good tea.' Known for his sarcasm, wit, and love for dark humor, C.M. James isn't afraid to test the boundaries of writing and publishing. Be prepared for some dark and twisted humor, but remember to take it with a grain of salt – there's always a reason behind his way of thinking.

    "Hi, I am C.M. James. Let Me Tell You How I Got Here!" is not a tale of having 'made it' to the top but rather an invitation to join him on his ongoing journey towards it. With candid accounts of his accomplishments, failures, and current status, C.M. James reminds us that he has much more to achieve and explore. This may be just the first in a series of autobiographies, as his adventure continues to unfold.

    This may be just the beginning of a series of autobiographies, as the adventure continues to unfold. The fun lies in the journey, and C.M. James is excited to share every step with his readers. This book will make you laugh, tug at your heartstrings, and keep you eagerly turning the pages.

    C.M. James knows he's no different from anyone else with a story, nor is he famous. But everyone has a story, and he's willing to put his out there in the hope that it will motivate, inspire, or at least bring a smile to your face with some of his silly nonsense. That's the goal – to share, to connect, and to entertain.

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